Top Varieties

Based on 2010-11 volume reported to the California Table Grape Commission

  Variety Name Availability Description
Autumn Royal
August - January
Large, blue-black, oval-elongated, seedless berries
Autumn King
September - December
Very large, green, cylindrical to oval, seedless berries
Blanc Seedless*
September - December
Very large, green, elongated, seedless berries
Crimson Seedless
August - January
Medium-sized, red, cylindrical, seedless berries
Flame Seedless
May - November
Medium-sized, red, round, seedless berries
June - December
Large, green, cylindrical, seedless berries
Red Globe
July - January
Very large, red, round, seeded berries
Ruby Seedless
August - December
Medium-sized, red, oval, seedless berries
Scarlet Royal
July - December
Large, red, oval, seedless berries
September - December
Very large, red, oval-elongated, seedless berries
May - August
Large, green, oval-elongated, seedless berries
Summer Royal
June - October
Medium-sized, blue-black, round to slightly oval, seedless berries
Thompson Seedless
June - December
Medium to large, green, cylindrical, seedless berries
Vintage Red
September - December
Large, red, oval-elongated, seedless berries


* Trademarked Variety - Pristine®

** Trademarked Variety - SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® brand